Administration to eliminates Hong Kong privileges


On: Jun 2020

The president of America Donald Trump stated that he was directing his administration to start the method of removing especial treatment for Hing Kong, in response to the plans of China to impose newer security legislation in the region. The US president made the declaration that China had damaged its word over the autonomy of Hong Kong. He said that its target against Hong Kong was a tragedy for its people, China and the overall globe. He said that we will take action to reconsider preferential treatment of Hong Kong.

The United States of America would also impose sanction separately as it responsible for smothering the autonomy of Hong Kong. His move follows China’s plans to put new national security legislation on the late British colony. The Secretary of State Pompeo has told that the zone no longer permits special treatment under American law that has promoted it to remain a worldwide fiscal center.

Donald Trump said that he was directing his administration to start the process of destroying policy deals on Hong Kong, including extradition treatment to export controls. He also said that he would also release statement to better secure important university research by eliminating the foreign nationals entry from the China recognized as desirable security legislation.