Airport traffic gaining despite travel warnings


On: Dec 2020

Reportedly, over one million people have moved through the security checkpoints of the US airports in each of the last two days in an indication that public health appeal to eliminate holiday travel are ignored, despite a major surge in coronavirus cases. It represents the 1st time US airports have screened more than 1 million passengers since 29th of November. That came at the close of a Thanksgiving Holiday weekend that observed additional travel around the nation that had been believed as the weather moved colder and COVID-19 cases were increasing again.

According to the source, hospitals in several areas are overwhelmed amid the biggest outbreak of coronavirus in the United States since March, when most American were ordered to stay at home and evade interactions with other households. The 7-day rolling average of recently reported infections in the country has increased from around 176,000 a day before Thanksgiving to over 215,000 a day.

It is too early to estimate how much of that gain is because of travel as well as gatherings over Thanksgiving festivity, but analysts hope they are just a factor. Although shutdowns are no longer in impact in various parts of the nation, stay at home orders have returned in some zones in effort to include the infection. 

The Disease Control and Prevention Center has released an advisory announcement delaying travel as well as staying home is the perfect way to safeguard yourself and others from coronavirus. However, 1.07 million people moved through the US airports security checkpoints on Friday and Saturday, as per the Transportation Security Administration. Saturday’s figure was less than 57 percent from the same period previous year, the lowest yearly drop in regular traffic at US airports since 22nd November as people started their gateways of Thanksgiving.