Amazon looks for major North American mark for second headquarters

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

Amazon has started a $5 bn find for a website for a new Head Office, asking cities all over the US and Canada to make their fields.

The new Head Office will be the world’s highest e-commerce company’s 2nd in North America, and “will be a full similar” to its current head office in Seattle, Amazon founder as well as chief executive Jeff Bezos said.

“Amazon Head Office 2 will gain billions of dollars in frank and current asset, as well as tens of thousands of high paying services. We are eager to find a 2nd home,” Bezos added.

The company is strong to look over all the US for its new location, externally launching up to Canadian areas.

The field to cities from Amazon is easy; the company will gain excellent skilled service worth billions to the local location. Amazon says the 2nd Head Office will involve “as much as 50,000 high-paying services”, and notice that the built-up and commercial crash of the building “is predicted to create tens of thousands of additional services and tens of billions of dollars in additional assets in the nearby community”.

Amazon predicts that in the previous 6 years alone, it has gain an extra $38 b to Seattle’s economy. “Every dollar invested by Amazon in Seattle created an extra $1.40 for the city’s commercial overall,” the Amazon says.

Eileen Burbidge is an associate at venture capital Company Passion Capital as well as the chair of Tech City UK. She said any city would want to attract Amazon to its location. “The ‘prize’ is terrible if any location is capable to land Amazon, given its promise to 50,000 new services and $5 bn of asset in the Head Office 2,” she said. “I believe without asking that it is profitable for locations to attract large Head Offices such as Amazon’s.”

In switch for all that commercial growth, the Amazon has a long list of resources for any city which needs to offer for its existence. Amazon lists many “core partiality”, involving a 45 minute drive to an international airport, public transport (such as subway stand) related straightly to the site, and at least 500,000 square feet of office area free by 2019. “It looks like that Amazon will be looking at resource packages to be handing by locations,” Burbidge said. “Whether those are tax/other economic resource or other support and positive situation for its capital and operating spending predicts.”