American president says Hong Kong termination would hurt trade deal of China


On: Aug 2019

The United States president Donald Trump said that it would be harder for me to sign an agreement with China if Chinese President Xi Jinping did something violent in Hong Kong. It recommended that finalizing a deal after a dangerous crackdown would not fit well among the United States of America public. The comments of US president came amidst efforts in Beijing and Washington to restore effective dialogue aimed at ending the trade conflict between the China and United States of America.

The president also warned that China is carrying Tiananmen Square style restrictions on pro-democracy supporters of Hong Kong which would ultimately damage their trade deal. However, Donald Trump insisted that “If the president of China made some discussion with the representatives of the protesters, then he had something to work out for.” He even referred to the Chinese president as very talented man who knows how to manage an agreement quickly.

Additionally, Donald Trump told that the ongoing violence could raise the pressure of reaching a trade deal with China. Reportedly, the phone calls are scheduled for the next ten days between the biggest economies of the world, China and the USA.

The chief economic adviser of the American president, Larry Kudlow told if the phone talks are successful, then the president of USA has voiced worry for military of China amassing close to the Hong Kong border.

Mr. Trump has not directly expressed his support to the protests but has revealed excitement over the number of protesters and said that he hugely in favor of liberty and democracy. Protesters in Hong Kong feel that their freedoms are taken away since Xi Jinping came to power. The protestors are demonstrating their disagreement over the plans to permit expulsion to mainland China, and they are no demanding the resignation of the leader of Hong Kong.