Black Friday is likely to hit Boxing Day sales

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Dec 2017

This year, fewer people have hit UK’s Boxing Day sale as Black Friday discounts and understanding online shoppers lowered turnout. A recent survey suggest that the traditional United Kingdom Boxing Day sales will be expected to suffer owing to spending on Black Friday and the squash on incomes.

According to reports, the majority of shoppers 56 % (approx) who took part in the survey for BBC Radio 4 think Boxing Day sales have lost their entreat. Only some handful told that they planned to get up early for a bargain of sales.

However, some 37 per cent of people expect to spend lower this Boxing Day owing to spending on the day of Black Friday.

Shoppers resistant to Boxing Day sale fever

The survey of a total of 1,000 shoppers was taken off for Radio 4’s You and Yours program by Savvy marketing, a consumer analyst. During survey it is found that 4 out of 10 of people carried out a purchase on Black Friday sales this year as compared with 3 out of 10 in the previous year.

The resident of Leeds Satwinder and Jyoti Matoo who go shopping together every weekend, have told to You and Yours that this time they would not be getting up early to go shopping.

Satwinder said that “Now the sales are on every day. So, you can buy any sale stuff whenever you want. I’ve queued up before on Boxing day sale and got some bargains, but this year I am going to stay in bed.”

Catherine Shuttleworth, from Savvy Marketing, claimed that “The latest data shows that people spent more money on this Black Friday sale as compared to last year and people can’t spend that money twice and that’s why the Boxing Day sales will suffer this time. Thus, shoppers expect things to be discounted as times are tough & family income is not as flexible as it has been.”

This season the festive cheer has been in short supply for retailers. According to the analysis from Visa the consumer spending has fallen for the 3rd month in a row. The credit card firm predicts that the UK will see it’s first ever fall in overall Christmas season spending by customers since the year 2012.