Chinese telecom giant Huawei executive arrested in Canada


On: Dec 2018

Facing extradition to the United States, Chinese telecom giant Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou got arrested by the Canadian authorities.


On December 1, the daughter of the founder of Huawei and chief financial officer and deputy chair was taken into custody.


Details of the capture have not been discharged, but the US has been examining Huawei over conceivable infringement of authorizations against Iran.


China's international haven in Canada challenged at the capture and requested her discharge.


Huawei said it had little data about the charges and was "not mindful of any bad behavior by Ms. Meng."


The capture comes at a touchy time for US-China relations. The countries are occupied with an exchange war that has seen both force obligations of billions of dollars on each other's merchandise.


The capture won't help the 90-day duty détente the countries concurred after President Donald Trump and his Chinese partner Xi Jinping met at the G20.


Canada's service of equity affirmed the date and place of Ms. Meng's capture and included: "She is looked for removal by the United States, and a safeguard hearing has been set for Friday."