Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics Market by Type CTC Enrichment, CTC Detection, CTC Analysis


On: Aug 2019

Our recently issued report called “Global Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics by key players, regions, by Product Type (CTC Enrichment, CTC Detection, CTC Analysis) and by Application (EMT biomarkers development, Tumorigenesis research, Cancer stem cell research, Others): Global Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics market analysis, statistical information and predicted timespan from 2019 to 2025.” Reportedly, the market size of the global Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics industry is forecasted at 4990 million US$ in the year 2018 and it is anticipated to reach 10100 million US$ by the end of 2025, that increasing at a CAGR of nearly 9.2% during the predicted years from 2019 to 2025.
Circulating Tumor Cells(CTC) said to be cancerous cells which break off from the primary site of the cancer and thereafter spread throughout the patient body through the vascular system. Circulating tumor cells determines the status of the disease advancement rate and valuation of the therapy required for tumor diagnostic. Several advancement tumor markets can be operated with associate diagnostic in order to diagnose or track several patterns of cancer which are anticipated to increase daily rates of CTC tests in the forthcoming years.

CTC detection test provides the potential to diagnose, quantify and recognize tumor cells that are present in the blood of cancer patients. It largely contains revamp, diagnostic as well as a brief analysis of detected tumor cells. The CTC tests are more useful in the fragmentation of tumor cells through the analysis of the biochemical marker. Circulating Tumor Cell detection, separation and molecular segmentation of systems figure out experimental application in colon, neck, breast, prostate, pancreatic cancer, head, skin, and lung.


There are growing possibilities of cancer diseases as well as the institution of scientific methods that permit the separation and evaluation of CTC. A various attribute such as drug safety, rapid disease detection, patient insurance, cost savings on several treatments and escalation of therapies are influencing the rising demand for the protective tablets, and the demand for Circulating Tumor Cells tests.  As per the forecast period, it is expected that more than 150 associate diagnostics and a wide array of preventive medicines under implemented pipelines and clinical try-outs are depending solely on fellow diagnostics. The appropriation of companion detection is determined to grow after the development of full FDA approval with complete commercialization.

The research document studies Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics volume as well as revenue at regional, company and worldwide level. Furthermore, the report evaluates the major aspects that are required to analyze the size of Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics market based on the historical information as well as future possibilities. Furthermore, the report incorporates vital industrial components such as value, market share for each vendor, value, production capacity, and ex-factory price.

The worldwide circulating tumor cell diagnostics industry has spanned across the different regions of the globe including North America, Japan, China, and Europe. Globally, the USA is observed for the greatest share of the circulating tumor cell diagnostics market due to the high frequency of cancer in that specific region. Meanwhile, America has a massive healthcare industry and innovative technologies for healthcare purpose which drives the market growth rapidly.

Take a look at the following segmentation of Global Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics Market:

Global Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics Market: Major Market Players

•    Janssen Diagnostics
•    Advanced Cell Diagnostics
•    Aviva Biosciences
•    Biocept Inc
•    Biofluidica Inc.
•    CellTraffix Inc.
•    Clearbridge BioMedics Pte Ltd
•    Epic Sciences Inc.
•    Fluxion Biosciences Inc.
•    ScreenCell
•    Silicon Biosystems
•    Sysmex Corporation
•    Greiner Bio-One GmbH
•    AdnaGen AG
•    Apocell Inc
•    Biocep Ltd
•    Canopus Bioscience Ltd
•    Creatv Microtech Inc
•    Ikonisys Inc
•    IV Diagnostics Inc
•    Miltenyi Biotech GmbH
•    Nanostring Technologies Inc
•    Rarecells Diagnostics.
•    Vitatex Inc

Global Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics Market: By Regions

•    Europe
•    Japan
•    North America
•    China

Global Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics Market: By Type

•    CTC Enrichment
•    CTC Detection
•    CTC Analysis

Global Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics Market: By Application

•    EMT biomarkers development
•    Tumorigenesis research
•    Cancer stem cell research
•    Others