Companion Animal Specialty Drugs Market By Type Vaccines, Antibiotics, Parasiticides, Feed Additives


On: Aug 2019

A recent report termed as “Companion Animal Specialty Drugs Market by trending market players, by application (Veterinary Hospitals, Pet Care Clinics, Pharmacy Stores), pivotal regions and by product types (Vaccines, Antibiotics, Parasiticides, Feed Additives, Other): Global Companion Animal Specialty Drugs market strategy, competitive analysis and forecast timespan from 2019 to 2025.” In the year 2018, the worldwide Companion Animal Specialty Drugs market size was registered as xx million US$ and meanwhile, it’s supposed to collect xx million by the end of 2025, at a CAGR of xx % from the predicted period 2019 to 2025.

Companion Animal Specialty Drug is a special type of medico drugs that pet owners used for their animal’s treatment and care. Companion animals are pets kept mainly for entertainment, company, and safety. Companion animals’ owners consider them to be their friends, family, and confidants.  According to the survey, companion Animals are said to be domesticated or domestically-raised whose physical, social, behavioral and emotional needs are met in its relationship with humans or as fellows in a household.

Companion animals are considered to be a major part of urban population. The parameters that have fully contributed to growing companion animal ownership contain nuclear families as well as rising geriatric population living separately. This growing pet adoption is significant for driving the demand for Companion Animal Specialty Drugs, due to the increasing commonness of several diseases and awareness towards the nutrition of pets.


The research report on the worldwide Companion Animal Specialty Drugs industry has been designed on the basis of deep market analysis along with data collected by industry experts. The study also covers the industry landscape and its required growth prospects over the forthcoming years. Furthermore, the report also includes a discussion on major market vendors, application, type, and key regions. America has the availability of veterinary markets. The Companion animal specialty market is rapidly witnessing steady growth in the region because of the increasing awareness and the presence of companion animal healthcare. Moreover, the hike in disposable incomes of pet owners, as well as economic development, will also contribute to the growth of the industry.  

Global Companion Animal Specialty Drugs Market: Leading Manufacturers
•    Bayer
•    Elanco
•    Merial
•    Zoetis
•    Aratana therapeutics
•    Beaphar
•    Henry Schein
•    Mars
•    The J.M Smucker Company

Global Companion Animal Specialty Drugs Market: By Type

•    Vaccines
•    Antibiotics
•    Parasiticides
•    Feed Additives
•    Other

Global Companion Animal Specialty Drugs Market: By Application
•    Veterinary Hospitals
•    Pet Care Clinics
•    Pharmacy Stores

Global Companion Animal Specialty Drugs Market: By Regions/Countries
•    United States
•    Europe
•    China
•    Japan
•    Southeast Asia
•    India
•    Central & South America