Delta Working to avert layoffs of pilots


On: Jun 2020

According to the recent news, Delta Air Lines as well as its pilot unions said that they are operating to escape layoffs of around 2,300 pilots following a restarting procedure which is meant to match staffing to summer 2021 flying. The airlines said that this month it would have more pilots than required as it decreases its network and stop due to a decline in demand from the coronavirus epidemic, but is operating to avert involuntary layoffs.

Reportedly, the United States seven pilot bases of Delta Air Lines will be moving nearly 7,000 pilots to differentiable locations or aircraft types, while, around 2,327 pilots have not been dedicated to any category.  Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Delta Air Lines Pilots Association (ALPA) said in a statement.

Furthermore, the airlines finalized the launch of differentiable results of the bid to better construct our staffing with the upcoming flying demand and stated that it is looking forward at all sorts of options to mitigate or decrease layoffs and it will be continue operating with ALPA in the forthcoming weeks in order to explore those options.

The leading airlines of the United States have gathered billion of dollars in taxpayer support for payroll which have all urged that they will require to minimize their workforce once a government-released ban on employment cuts expires on 30th of September.