As diesel sales dive, Carbon emissions shows growth

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Feb 2018

The car industry trade commission said that, the drivers running diesel car vehicles are blame for an increment in carbon dioxide emissions from the brand new vehicles. Recently, it’s reported that a rise of 0.8 % to almost 121 grams per km, which is considered to be the first rise since the SMMT started observing levels in the year 2000.

Diesel price may discharge up to 20 % lower CO2 than petrol vehicles and are assumed to be more fuel-efficient. While showing the diesel sales, the SMMT told that massive popularity of SUVs contributed to the growth.

Because, SUVs has been developing almost a quarter more CO2 than the smallest cars.

Despite the less increase in the emissions of carbon previous year, new cars now builds a 3rd less CO2 in total which they did in the year 2000.

Carbon emissions up due to diesel sales dive

It is also examined that, the new vehicles are much more efficient than older cars. But the 5.7% decline in new registrations to 2.54 million previous year indicates that drivers are keeping their cars for longer period.

The SMMT is called by the government officials to provide a steady approach in order to sales incentives as well as tax for encouraging drivers to buy the cleanest cars & spend more money on the electric vehicle charging points too.

Reportedly, the electric cars book for 0.5 % of new car sales in the UK. The car industry has carried out the blame at the feet of government for the result of anti-diesel rhetoric on new vehicle sales.

The SMMT stated that we are not buying diesel cars as the government wants to tax diesel. Therefore, our consumers are uncertain about what the true financial & environmental costs of owning a diesel car might be.