Discussions with chipmakers to build factories


On: May 2020

The president Donald Trump administration is in discussions with semiconductor firms about to implementing chip in American factories, the representatives from top two chipmakers made this statement on Sunday. Reportedly, Intel corporation is in talks with the Department of Defense of the United States over enhancing the local sources for microelectronics and other related technologies. 

The spokesman of Intel stated that our company is well prepared to work with the American government to operate the USA-owned commercial foundry as well as supply to offer protective microelectronics. While, on the other hand, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) said that they have been in discussions with the US Department of Commerce related to generating some American factories but said it has not finalized this decision yet. The spokeswoman of the company, Nina Kao said that we are actively analyzing overall perfect locations, including in the United States, but there is no final plan right now.

The chief executive of Intel Bob Swan urged the Defense Department of the US in late March and expressed his company’s excitement to build American factories a term that he utilized in the industry to reference a chip plant. According to the earlier reports, the administration of Donald Trump was talks with chipmakers, whereas, TSMC also has been discussing with one of its biggest customers about implementing a chip factory in the United States of America.