Donald Trump administration cuts oil & gas fees


On: Jun 2020

According to the data released by the government authorities and federal officials, the administration of the United States president Donald Trump has awarded several energy firms numerous of breaks on payments for oil & gas extraction from American lands as well as the Gulf of Mexico during the coronavirus epidemic. The non-permanent breaks on rental fees and royalty are expected to help firms with workforce threats or other problems after government-related lockdowns because of the pandemic caused fuel demand to plunge across the world.

Many argue the breaks on government payments of oil & gas extraction are not worthy industry handouts that in some situations are getting advantage from firms with environmental violations or last failures to pay to royalties. Oil prices have increased in present weeks, capturing $39 per barrel for West Texas crude after declining less than $13 in late April.

The administration has now finalized around 117 applications for royalty deductions on American lands in 3 Western states, as per the data released by the Department of Interior. Reportedly, in late May that the administration of American president had started finalizing royalty relief authorized by energy firms. The value of the breaks will rely on how much oil & gas extraction the firms extract.