Economic outlook faded away sharply


On: Oct 2020

As per the news, the outlook for the United States economy has dulled in the upcoming presidential election that going to be held on November 3. The recent data also represented that a current resurgence in novel COVID-19 cases operated a large risk of stopping the economic rebound. New COVID-19 infections have reached record scales in the United States of America currently and the number of hospitalized coronavirus infected Americans climbed to a 2-month larger, leading to further limitations.

In Europe, several nations have also reimposed estimations to fight the spread of infections.  Fast-increasing cases count as well as uncertainty related to a financial relief bill dropped the steepest stock industry sell-off of the United States in a month, along with the benchmark S&P 500 index releasing its largest daily drop in 4 weeks on Monday, smashing the curve of the American Treasury yield.

Several economists have responded to an extra question in the recent poll that indicated that there was a large threat that the economic recovery of the US could be stopped by the gain in COVID-19 cases. The senior US strategist said that the pace of the economic rebound is already declining because households and businesses are grappling with the affect of the shutdowns and coronavirus epidemic.

According to the source, the outcome of the 3rd November presidential election of the United States, if it available promptly it could energetically close the gridlock on a 2nd financial stimulus bill. The result of the forthcoming presidential election will be expected to impose the trajectory for extra stimulus bill, noted by chief of the US economics for Bank of US Securities, Michelle Meyer. An understandable victory could speed up stimulus negotiations. In the function of a contested election, the political atmosphere generates a challenge for extra stimulus.