Facebook opens Nigerian hub in African tech drive next year

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Nov 2017

One of the famous social networking giants Facebook will start up a community hub space in African tech drive of Nigeria next year in order to encourage software developers as well as technology entrepreneurs. And become one of the latest technology giant to establish a training program in the fast-growing Africa.

Reportedly, the United States social media company told that the center would create an incubator program to help develop technology start-ups. It will also train over 50,000 Nigerians in digital skills.

Facebook to launch community tech hub in Nigeria

With Africa’s massive population growth, decreased data costs and adaptation of mobiles phones instead of PC’s is capturing the attention of tech companies who are looking to attract more users.  

Facebook haven’t provide any details about the exact period when it’s planned training would take place in Nigeria, which is known as the most popular country of Africa with 180 million inhabitants.

A regional head of platform partnership, Emeka Afigbo revealed in a statement Wednesday, “We completely understand the vital role of Facebook that they plays here in Nigeria along with developers and start-up firms and are willing invested in helping these communities.”

While Facebook claimed that the main aim of training is at software developers, entrepreneurs & students. This training would be offered in cities such as the capital, Abuja, Calabar in the southeast, Port Harcourt in the south and Kaduna in the north.

Last year, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg visited technology organizations in Lagos. And his charitable foundation had given $24 million to Andela for training developers.

In July, Google’s chief executive visited Lagos and told that the firm aimed to train 10 million people all over the continent in online skills more than the next 5 years. He also told that the company hoped to train 100,000 software developers in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.

Although Africa may not provide as much opportunity to consumers as offered by India or China, due to large wealth gap is main issue that means many people from Nigeria have little disposable income. Facebook told over 22 million Nigerian people using its social networking website every month.