France yellow vest protests: Macron promises wage rise


On: Dec 2018

After weeks of violent protests, France's President Emmanuel Macron has promised wages to rise. He has assured people of the minimum rise in salaries and deduction/concession in taxes.


France has been witnessing protests for almost four weeks now. The rise in fuel taxes and increased cost of living are creating furious reactions among ordinary people of France.


Speaking at one television show, he expressed his disappointment against the violence. However, he said, the protesters' fury and anger were very severe and in many ways was understandable.


The president would increase the minimum wage by €100 per month from 2019.


Along with the rise in wages, a planned tax imposed on low-income pensioners would be canceled; taxes on the overtime pay would be stopped, and employers of the company would be motivated to py tax-free bonus to employees, at the end of every year.


However, the president denied reinstating taxes on the wealthy, saying this would weaken the economy.