Google is helping Chinese companies to gain global access

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Dec 2017

Our normal life might seem a little bit unimaginable without constant assistance of search engine giant Google. But the Chinese people have slightly different experience when it comes to the popular social platform Google. In 2010, Goggle was shut down in China due to some censor polices of their government.

And since then Gmail, YouTube, Google and its other products has been banned in the world’s second largest economy. But CEO of Google Sundar Pichai claimed at a better future for the Google in China, by hinting that it’s helping Chinese organization acquire global access.

The 45-year old Indian born Goggle CEO at a state-run global internet conference at Wuzhen, China said that “A lot of work our search engine does is to help Chinese firms.” However, this conference was also attended by Chinese Xi Jinping and CEO of Apple Tim Cook.

CEO of Google assures they are helping Chinese companies gain global access & helping business

According to a report, Google CEO told that “Many small as well as medium sized businesses in China have taken advantages of Google in order to get their products to several other countries.”

After the ban, Google shifted its operations to Hong Kong. However, in Google’s absence Chinese companies such as Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba emerges as immensely powerful players in China and abroad too.

Google and it’s products can be accessed in China using VPNs. While this year, Apple agreed to the government of China’s requests to remove dozens of VPN apps services which allow their users to access blocked sites through its local App store.

Google CEO’s attendance at the state sponsored internet meeting arrived after China lifted the ban on Google’s translation services. Apart from Google, a number of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are still banned in China over fears that their use would reveal to millions of Chinese social media users marginalizing its official media.

The world internet conference in Wuzhen is considered as an annual gathering of Chinese internet officials, executives and bureaucrats from developing nations. The Chinese government uses the event to pursue its censorship & regulations of the internet that will not harm the technology development and business prosperity.

Chinese Xi revealed that online developments were creating various new challenges to security and freedom. And China was willing to work with international community to promote partnerships and esteem cyberspace sovereignty.