Google’s message replacement strategy ready to launch

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Apr 2018

One of the most popular & well-known search engine giant, Google has begun the worldwide roll out of its brand new chat messaging service. It is specifically designed to replace SMS text messages on the android platforms. Google’s chat service has features including videos, group texts, read receipts as well as typing indicators which are not available while sending SMS texts. The service of chat will be associated with the default messages app on android phones.

But, this facility will be up to mobile operators to enable the service & it does not provide encrypted messages. The new system has been in the development for various years, & now it is beginning to appear on the android phones. The short message service was adopted in the year 1990. It allows mobile phones to exchange basic 160 character text messaging facility on the mobile network.

However, the modern messaging applications give much more advanced features & send messages through the internet rather than SMS. But, the default messaging app on the android smartphones is still a basic SMS client as compared to modern messaging.

Google has tried many times to launch its rich mobile messaging app feature, but its aims have failed to win over a huge number of audiences. The company told that, it was stopping development of its latest efforts called Allo which was demonstrated in the year 2016. The Google’s rivals like Whatsapp support & Facebook Messenger’s advanced features including high resolution pictures & typing indicators. Apple’s iPhones also have a few similar built in feature rich iMessage service.

This time, rather than launching yet another messaging application, Google has been working to merge a fresh new messaging standard with its android operating system. The phone manufacturers, app makers & mobile operators will be now able to utilize the new technology in order to manufacture messaging app which are compatible with one another.