Hyundai to invest in UK’s electric van


On: Jan 2020

Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai is supporting a UK based electric car startup that plans to start vending battery-powered delivery vans in the next year. Hyundai Motor and its sister company Kia Motors are generating the investment of around 100 million euros in Arrival Ltd. Originated in 2015, and located in London, the UK electric van startup company, Arrival manufactured a boxy, modern shuttle bus targeted at the commercial delivery industry. The firm said its e-vans will have a range between charges of 300 miles.

Arrival recently stated that it will jointly operate with Hyundai and Kia in order to generate a series of electric cars, mainly for the commercial market. Those cars will be manufactured on the firm’s modular car platform or skateboard that includes variety of batteries, chassis elements, motor that equivalent to the skateboard built by the American startup Rivian.

Reportedly, Rivian is supported by Ford Motor and Amazon and has an agreement to establish 100,000 electric delivery vehicles for the e-commerce giant, beginning in 2021. Both Hyundai and Kia previous year invested dollar 89 million in Rimac Automobill, a Croatian firm willing to implement electric super-vehicles that is also supported by Porsche AG Arrival said its cars will be engaged with modern driver assist features and can be promoted with self-driving systems.

The cars are implemented to sell for the same amount as similar models driven by interior combustion engines and to be establish in small microfactories. That tactic is the opposite of the United States electric car rival Tesla which implements gigafactories. Arrival, has worked greatly in stealth mode, has now hired GM veteran Michael Ableson to chief to its new North American services.