Johnson & Johnson prepared to pay $417 million in talcum powder case

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Aug 2017

On Monday, a judge awarded a California woman $417 million. This is because she created ovarian cancer. She had used J&J Baby Powder for years. The award involves $70 million in remedy reparation and $347 million in corrective damage.

Eva Echeverria is a 63-year-old from Los Angeles. She said that she had been using the powder on regularly for her feminine hygiene routine. Since she was 11 years old she was using this powder. Thus she stopped using it in 2016. After that she read a news story about another woman who used it and had ovarian cancer. Echeverria's is the first of hundreds of similar cases in California to be resolute. Judges elsewhere have returned four other knowledge against Johnson & Johnson. Another case in New Jersey was cancelled. Hence there are lots of similar cases going through state and federal courts right now. Echeverria gone through test that had there been a warning label on the product she would have stopped using it. 

The company has no legal debt to put such a label on its product. Hence this is because talcum powder is legally considering as a cosmetic. Then it does not have to undergo a test by the US FDA like a drug would. But it would have to be properly tagged with additives and other information. Hence the product "must be safe for use by consumers under labeled". Thus this declaration was according to the agency.

The market graph of some of other talc-based powders in the market have the labels that mention the posibility of ovarian cancer. This affects to the after frequent use in the female genital area. Hence scientific studies over the years have produced a mixture of results. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the WHO took a test. They classify the genital use of talc-based body powder as "possibly poisons to humans." The US National Toxicology Program has half reviews talc as a possible poison. This statement is according to the American Cancer Society. Hence that says it is not clear whether the products increase a person's cancer risk or not. J&J said in its statement that it will begin the request to process in the California case.

"Ovarian cancer is a shocking analysis. Hence we deeply feel bad with the women affected by this disease," Carol Goodrich. Hence for sure we can now use this talc-powder safely.