Kimlun Company gets RM215mil services

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

One of the Famous Johor-based engineering and construction Company called as Kimlun Crop Bhd. It has sealed an RM214.76mil service. The services belong to Hillcrest Gardens Sdn Bhd. This is to build the two blocks of condos and ancillary constructions. These constructions are in Puchong. 

Kimlun Sdn Bhd, a unit has accepted an award in the form of the letter. This award was proposed by Puchong-based property constructors. This was announced by the company. It is the company that holds RM690.4mil market status.

While declaring the description of Construction Company said, "the construction is getting ready to race in market by year 2020". Though company has not yet disclosed the construction starting date but assumes the end date in year 2020. This might give a rise of tension among competitors.

As per the information of a report it is clear that it is the only one huge construction contract within its 40 years. The analyzing report is of December 2016. The second quarter ended in June 2017 Kimlun said that the net profit has dropped down. The net change was RM14.7mil from RM24.12mil. Reason for this drop down was the lower gross profit margin. This was the profit margin from its manufacturing department.

As the effort are creating the rainbow. The manufacturing department started to do hard work. This hard work made them to update the annual profit level 13.5%. This compounded yearly increment is carried from the year 2012 to 2016.

Furthermore the company has made a lot of efforts for increasing this profit values. This is all about the planning and efforts. The planning for a better company and efforts from every individual made the company stand different from the competitors. Hence it is a challenge for the company to make a steady path in market. Thus the value remains steady till yesterday.