Kulik is the role model for new chemical innovations

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

People are having choosy behavior. Some people are very sticky to their path. Hence they do everything to make their journey at the happiest end. The efforts that are carried while walking on the path may have hurdles, but the end gets a cherry on the top to the efforts. That cherry turns into an innovation. Kulik is one from those many people to target their end with new invention.

Heather Kulik is Development Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering; her research has examined the huge area for chemical space. The assumption is made just of single part among the 10th or 50 part of chemical space. Her approach towards new chemical combination is very interesting. This work made her to make more additional combinations of chemicals and create cheminformatics field.

Kulik has a great knowledge of chemical element that she has collected this knowledge by her chemical engineering. While sharing her experiments with media she told that there are many trials and error while making the space for chemicals. Till now there are millions of trails made by scientists.

Although she is the doctoral student she made the focus on the metal elements. She made a focal point on the d-block of periodic table. Describing the position of metal, she said metals are normally lying in inorganic molecules.

Furthermore she told that every element has their unique properties and features a transition metal which has a shield of organic environment. She has done a thorough study for transition metal. The density functional theory was not much useful covering the types of experiment. Thus applying some mathematical calculation Kulik has counted some errors in the theory. So she took an initial step to create a huge system for molecule system. This is helping other scientists to carry other experiments and research.