New charging invention by Tom-Tom for electric vehicle

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

Today’s world is very curious about new invention and creations. People are hungrier these days for advance technologies. Thus the technologies are creating new levels. One of the new creations was Electric Vehicle (EV). Now the Electric Vehicle is also getting enhanced with new features. Developers are increasing the power and facilities in this vehicle.

The company Tom-Tom is ahead with a new invention. The invention is all about the electric vehicle's charging method. Tom-Tom has declared the real time charging service. It has named as Tom-Tom EV Service. This EV Service gives alert to the driver for the charging level. 

The company has also declared the payment methods, closing and opening hours as well as the location of these charging points. While talking with a person from the company about the invention he said, "The most difficult obstacle was the charging level indication. This indication was very important to know how long the car will run. Hence this mobility service will provide alerts for charging". The map is the facility which will provide the location of charging points and the distance from where the car will reach to that point.

The company is initiating the service with Europe. Later on, the expansion will take place among several countries. The company has made more than 35,000 charging stations. Thus the invention is going to help drivers to give a safe ride. Even the method will provide extra facilities and more comfort. These facilities will create a new level of innovation. This might give a new definition for next innovation which will provide some additional features.

So, company is hoping that the method will make the customers more comfortable and will provide a better facility for driver. On other side customers are waiting to get the update as early as possible for a comfort ride in a long distance route.