P&G informs financiers to Vote in oppose to Peltz's

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

Every company has to face some sort of issues. Some of them fight for the growth in product sale and some fights for quality gaining, but the ultimate goal is the profit. Hence, employee's works hard to fill the company’s dreams. Here the activist hedge fund manager Nelson Peltz designed a plan chart for Procter & Gamble Co. This plan was entirely designed on blank white pages and the pages were around 93.

Thus to make a clearance the consumer goods company wrote a letter to shareholders. The clearance was for the "flawed suggestion" by Peltz's. The letter was regarding the market shares issues, the 3 global commercial units, and market re-gaining.

The P&G Company is totally focusing on consumer goods services. This is the way that the company win's the hearts of customers. The letter also says that company is not just making unique products, but also it understands the consumer's comfort and facilities. Now a day the companies are just not progressing in a manual way, it is gaining every region by the e-commerce site. Thus the P&G is also leading in e-commerce. So the profit and growth both are in increasing manner. The company also described that the e-commerce market growth is by 30 percent. This growth is making much more profit in the race of market.

The company also says that the company has done a lot of study about the consumer comfort and experienced a lot in the market. Hence there is no need to mark the Peltz's words. So the company requests the employee to vote against Mr. Peltz. So before taking any decision, the company kept a board meeting, had several talks with senior executives and other board members. But there was nothing in the favor of Mr. Peltz. After this the company shares slightly increased by 0.25 percent yesterday.