Pharmaceutical Supply Chain will perform better by serialization

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

Business is the means to meet with people, to interact with them and to share ideas with them. Usually it is following a process that it called as Supply chain management. This method makes little comfort for organization.

Since a year a battle was going on between FDA and pharmaceutical industry. Now in spite of FDA's one year delay pharmaceutical industry has to accept the Supply Chain Management. Some companies were opposing to accept this method. This was not actually too hard to accept, but it was little tough to meet the target lines.

In a random blog the writer Dirk Rodgers has cleared some clause with a deep study. The study was showing the companies are found not to reach at their destination point at the correct point. Hence it is little tricky to handle those spots. This was the first reason that why the changing system is not accepted. But on other hand one question arise that what if the serialization of chain management goes wrong?

This question was mentioned by Bob Miglani. He is a Chief of Business Development at Applied DNA Sciences. He also mentioned that the Serialization is not going to solve all the problems. It may have some advantage, but it also has some disadvantage. He noted that this serialization is making another world for business. It means that meeting and public conferences are making them to create a business track rather than implementing some other benefits. The next question he pointed that serialization will not help to wholesalers to check and manage the bulky fault package.

This made companies think about the question, but it has pros as well as cons. So it is tough to take a correct decision with correct values. Hence take a chance to observe the change and accept the challenge.