Robot collecting and sorting molecules

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

Science is going beyond the imagination. Now the scientists have come up with new DNA machine. This machine specifically collects the cargo molecule and then separates them by their destinations.

The team at California Institute of Technology, US has developed a DNA robot which collects these molecules and separates them. While interacting with media they said the robot is developed by the inspiration of insects. The insects like an ant have the behaviors to collect the small objects. Hence the robot has been designed to collect the molecules in the place of objects. They also stated that this is the first and only one robot to be implemented.

The team described the movement of the robot is simple and straight. It is designed as a single line DNA. By the design it has two foot domains those are connected to further arms. Thus the robot can move and sort the molecules easily.


To check the ability, the robot was made to walk on the field. The field on which the DNA was scattered called as "peg". The foot–leg–peg makes the movement of the robot to move ahead. They move until they get toehold in the foot part. This makes them realize the next move for collecting DNA.

According to scientist it is a beautiful invention which picks the two different molecules. Another great thing is that the robots are walking through 300 steps in the field and collects the molecules.

Now the team is heading to improve the ability of the robot. The idea that was shared by the team was that the robot must have the potential to mark his position and direct his path with collection of molecules. Even they should be more programmed to make them best. Thus we will see the most intelligent robots that can separate the molecules, complete 300 steps in 10 hours with path direction.