Stopping high-tech exports over security concerns


On: Jul 2020

The administration of Donald Trump placed new limitations on the US exports of defense equipment as well as particular high-technology materials to Hong Kong, in response to a brand-new Chinese legislation targeted at heightening the control of Beijing over the territory. The administrative authority evaluated in late May that Hong Kong no longer had important autonomy under the rule of China.

Furthermore, it also promised to start stripping away the privileged status of Hong Kong with the US exports if Beijing persisted to drop down on civil policies in Hong Kong. The lawmakers of China approved a national security legislation on Tuesday that immediately stop protest and other criticism of the government of China, infringing on a grouping that has created Hong Kong.

In separate letters, the state government told that it would halt the US exports of military equipment to Hong Kong, while, American Commerce Department said that Hong Kong would now be projected to the similar kinds of controls on specific technology exports that applicable to China. Reportedly, all those controls ban the US firms from selling particular types of extremely sensitive, high-technology materials that could hamper the national security to Russia, China and other nations considered to be a protection risk.