United States Smart Label Market By Type Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Labels, RFID Labels, Sensing Labels, Electronic Shelf/Dynamic Display Labels, Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags


On: Oct 2019

A recently released report on "Smart Label Market that analyzed in accordance with essential players, application (Automotive, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Logistic, Retail, Manufacturing, Others), region and product type (Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Labels, RFID Labels, Sensing Labels, Electronic Shelf/Dynamic Display Labels, Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags): Global Smart Label market trends, profound overview and research forecast to 2025." In the year 2019, the market size of Global Smart Label is projected as million US$ and it will grab million US$ in 2025, increasing at a CAGR of xx % from 2019, while in the mainland of China, the world Smart Label market size is calculated at xx million US$ and will grow to xx million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of xx % during the predicted session.

A smart label is known to be an item or product identification slip which includes advanced technologies rather than conventional bar code details. It enables the customers to get notified with extra information about plenty of food, household, beverage, personal care products, and pet care. These labels are implemented from plastics, paper or fabrics and mainly used as chip labels, printed labels or electronic labels. The smart labels are especially utilized to detect robbery in shops, retail stores, and libraries. It also permits consumers to enhance access to details with their preferred techniques like visiting particular website and scanning the product codes using smartphone. Smart labels provide a wide range of benefits including reliable data, rapid product authentication at the pharmacist, hospitals, and even at retail stores.

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The high tech labels help to improve accuracy as well as productivity with respect to the enhancement in the product specification and inventory management. The Global Smart Label market offers fast identification, automated reading, reduction in errors, massive tolerance, and re-programmability. With the universal use of smart labeling, the vendors and logistics service providers can simply track their products and meanwhile, maintain the information for their inventory administration.

The worldwide Smart Label market report is segmented into geographical regions/countries, components, application and technology. On a regional level, the global smart label market can be classified as Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East & Africa. North America’s smart label market is anticipated to gain an essential industry share because of the advanced technology growth, distribution of consumer goods and product tracking followed by Europe.

Global Smart Label Market: Major Companies
•    Avery Dennison Corporation (US)
•    CCL Industries, Inc (Canada)
•    Zebra Technologies Corporation (US)
•    Alien Technology Inc (US)
•    Intermec Inc (US)
•    Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (US)
•    Sato Holdings Corporation (Japan)
•    Smartrac N.V. (Netherlands)
•    Muhlbauer Holding AG & Co. Ltd (Germany)
•    ASK SA (France)
•    Thin Film Electronics ASA (Norway)
•    Graphic Label, Inc (US)
•    Invengo Information Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
•    Displaydata Ltd (UK)
•    William Frick & Company (US)

Global Smart Label Market: By Product Type
•    Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Labels
•    RFID Labels
•    Sensing Labels
•    Electronic Shelf/Dynamic Display Labels
•    Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags

Global Smart Label Market: By Application
•    Automotive
•    Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
•    Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
•    Logistic
•    Retail
•    Manufacturing
•    Others

Global Smart Label Market: By Regions
•    United States
•    China
•    European Union
•    Rest of World
    Japan
    Korea
     India
    Southeast Asia