Health minister drives to acclaim vaccination faster


On: Dec 2020

The health ministry of Germany urged that the administrative agency of the European Union operate faster to finalize a coronavirus vaccine and bring a close to the grappling on the continent, but the agency head said that his team is already working on it. Other officials of Germany recommended that residents should quit Christmas shopping and attend Christmas mass on online platforms as a new lockdown increased that will halt schools and stores.

The German chancellor Angela Merkel and the governors of 16 states decided to generate new lockdown measures starting Wednesday and last until 10th of January in order to halt the exponential gain of coronavirus cases. The country has been hitting records of new infections and deaths in current weeks. Merkel further said that existing limitations imposed in November had failed to stop the gain in new infections.

The German health minister Jens Spahn said that we have developed more than 400 vaccination centers for COVID-19 vaccine and meanwhile, activated around 10,000 doctors and medical staff to begin vaccinations process as early as Tuesday, was delayed due to the lack of regulatory approval.

According to the latest news, it was mainly galling due to the COVID-19 vaccine implemented by the German pharma company BioNTech and the United States drugmaker Pfizer which has been authorized for use in Britain, Canada, the US and other nations. But it is still waiting for a final approval by the European Medicines Agency or EMA. And that’s why it can not be used in Germany or in any of the 27 nations of the European Union. The EMA will conduct meeting on 29th of December about vaccines but Spahn stated that the evaluation of agency and approval of the Pfizer as well as BioNTech vaccine should carried out as soon as possible.