Jobless claim reaches to massive figures


On: Apr 2020

Numerous Americans seeking unemployment advantages has hit a highest record for the successive second week because the economic downturn tied to the coronavirus spreads. According to the Department of Labor More than 6.6 million citizens of the United States filed unemployment rate claims in the week that ended on 28th of March. This figure was nearly double the earlier week, which was also considered as a newest record.

The worst economic crisis comes as the series of cases in the United States soars over 236,000. With the death toll across the country increasing to almost 5,600, the White House executives currently said that it would recreate limitations on activity to attempt to hinder the epidemic. The number of analysts at Bank of America suggested that the America could observe the biggest recession on record amid predictions that the unemployment rate could hamper more than 15 percent.

Reportedly, the outlook is a major reversal for the biggest economy of the world where the unemployment rate had been drifting around 3. 5 percent. However, more than 80 percent of Americans are now locked down in their houses, which has forced the stoppage of most businesses. It is determined to be largest number of jobless claims in the history of United States of America.