The UK offers high-level foreign investment in tech start-ups


On: Aug 2019

A host of tech organizations from the United Kingdom secured a record of £5.5bn in foreign investment in the first seven months of 2019, according to the latest research. Experts commented that the weaker pound is attracting investors to the tech sector of the UK, that ultimately leads EU in terms of funding. As per the study, the United States of America and Asian companies invested most during this period.

These two regions collectively spent around $3.7bn in the first seven months of the year, by observing the $2.9bn estimated across the whole of the prior year. It is considered as complete foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United Kingdom is falling, amid unreliability over future trading arrangements of Britain with Europe.

While commenting on the tech investment figures, culture secretary of UK, Nicky Morgan told that “These investment figures are very excellent as they are showing massive confidence of overseas investors who desire to invest in UK tech, with the investment flows from the America and Asia at all-time highest peak.”

“We have a great reputation for innovation and the various statistics sees our reputation as one of the greatest places in the globe in order to start and increase a digital business”, said by him. While UK companies moving to regions like Asia to raise capital.

The founder and managing director of Singapore based capital fund said that “We have observed numerous requests from UK start-up firms heading to Asian markets capital financing than last year.” “They firmly want to access the large and diverse market of Asia and thus they need an Asian investor who can help them to understand these industries and also offers purposeful financing which they are looking for.”

The analysts said that the UK companies offering a special way for the Asian investors to fight against the trade war. Foreign investment into both the leading economies, China and the United States has gone down due to the trade negotiation and thus Europe has delivered various investment opportunities.