10 dead, many are missing after boat goes down on Brazil River

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Aug 2017

Brazil is the land that seems like paradise. Many people love to see the great river that makes the Brazil to increase its beauty. Thu many people are enthusiastic to take the experience of this beauty. While a boat was carrying 70 people went inside a major river in northern Brazil. When searching the boat was leaving at least 10 dead and many of them were missing. Authorities said on the Wednesday.

On this situation the public security office of the state of Para said 15 people made it to the shore and 10 bodies were well gaining. Thus, the rest were missing from the same area. Earlier the office had got the report that 25 reached the coast and were safe.

When talking to the senior officers, they said the boat was traveling on the Xingu River. Hence that was the area were the boat sank on late Tuesday. This news was not caught quickly, it took some time.

The local news paper known as Folha de S. Paulo said that the boat left on Monday night from the Santarem and was forward to Vitoria do Xingu.

Survivor Bruno Costa is a 29 year-old disc jockey that described a chaotic scene.  Hence as the boat broken apart and quickly went under the water. He also told the G1 news portal that a tarpaulin sheltering passengers from a heavy shower made it escape difficult. That was the reason; people were in difficulty to get any help.

“The tarp banned many people from leaving. I controlled to save a child of about 2, but neither I nor the child had a life jacket on to survive,” Costa said.

Costa said a man was trying to get out from the boat suddenly jumped on his back and collected the child away from him. He last saw the man going inside the river and did not know what happened to that kid. He told G1 he found a life jacket and used it to stay floating. But he saw many others in the water who “failed to make it and come out of the danger situation.”

People travelling by river are common in Brazil’s northern states. In which it includes the Amazon rain forest and have fewer major roads.

In early August a cargo boat crashed with a tugboat on the Amazon River. It is also in the state of Para. Only two people were well out of 11 aboard the tugboat.