Amazon Purchased A Doorbell Firm

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Mar 2018

Amazon has purchased a US high tech doorbell maker ‘Ring’. It expects that this deal will help Amazon improving the way it delivers parcels.

Ring manufactures doorbells which record live videos of house doorsteps, then sends the videos to home owner’s smartphones.

The deal would help Amazon customers trust its new service where it lets delivery person open house’s front doors and put parcels inside. This deal is reported to be worth over $1bn.

Amazon and Ring have declined to comment on the price of the deal.

In a statement issued, Ring said this deal will allow it to achieve even more as it improves home security products. Amazon's Alexa is already associated with Ring gadgets.

Ring was founded in 2012, and has over 2,000 employees who serve around 1 million customers.

In the year 2016 Ring made sales of  $155m.