America declines China-led tender for Chicago stock exchange

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Feb 2018

Reportedly, the United States of America has recently rejected a stated merger between the Chicago stock exchange as well as a China-linked investor group. This decision came into existence after over two years of reviews by the officials.

The association was initially finalized by the officials on foreign investment in the America, by pending the next stage of approval by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). But the American politicians, including President Donald Trump, have told that allowing a Chinese company invests in a USA exchange was a bad idea.

Under the bid, the China based Casin holdings group, North America would have collected CHX holdings that own the Chicago stock exchange.

US rejects China stock exchange offer

The exchange handles only 0.5% of the American stock trades, and it had revealed that the deal would have offered the exchange with vital capital. The received funding would have been used in order to boost the large number of initiatives that designed to benefit the Chicago city, the American economy and the market structure as a whole unit.

In the month of August 2017, the investment received an initial vote of approval by the SEC staff. Later then, the commission ruled that the bid didn’t meet the rules that required for the US stock exchanges.

While, the review process even raised questions regarding whether the offered ownership structure will govern the commission to exercise the expected oversight of the exchange. The decision of SEC follows a variety of other moves by the American officials to stop Chinese organization doing business in the America or partnering up with the American companies for selling the goods in the country.

In January, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei told that it had been unable to make a deal to sell its new smartphones through a US carrier. Also earlier 2018, the America also blocked a $1.2bn sale of money transfer company Moneygram to Ant Financial of China, which is the digital payments arm of Alibaba.

It was observed to the highest profile deal of China to be rejected by Washington since President Trump came to power.  American politicians had also opposed the stock exchange deal by explaining they applauded the decision.