Apple earns five times more profit than Samsung

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Jan 2018

In the third quarter of 2017 the iPhone giant, Apple earned the maximum per unit profit of $151, which followed by its arch rival Samsung who earned $31 profit per unit, according to a new research examined on Thursday.

It is also recorded that, Apple’s profit per unit is five times higher than Samsung which has one of the highest number of models across the various price brands as well as 14 times higher than the average profit per unit of Chinese brands.

The research stated that Chinese brands such as Oppo, Huawei and Vivo performed well in terms of per unit profit, each of the models having an average per unit profit of $14, $15 & $13. A research director said in a statement that “Apple will continue to show off its growth during the holiday season stimulated by the high price iPhone X series. As per the research Apple markets showed a great demand for iPhone X’s 256 GB versions which will be expected to boost Apple’s profit even higher.”

Apple gross 5 times more unit profit than Samsung

The research claimed that among global mobile handset’s 13 %, of its 3rd quarter profits growth, the collective profit of Chinese mobile brands gathered around $1.5 billion for the very first time in a single quarter. Usually the entire profits have been shared by only two brands like Samsung and Apple, but this time Chinese brands made a huge success this quarter.

According to a recent buzz, iPhone giant collected 60% of the total profits which has been created in the segment of mobile handset that tracked by Samsung. But it’s profit share reduced by 30 % because of an increased blend of previous versions of iPhones.

Apple continued to command share of mobile handset firm profits. In the 4th quarter the market research industry estimated that the total profit of Apple will driven by its sales of iPhone X.