Apple Pay launches in Germany


On: Nov 2019

Germany is still determined as one of the cash-loving nations. And thus, Apple has now followed in Google’s pathways and issued its smartphone payment service called Apple pay in Germany. The movement came 4 years after the inauguration of iPhone payment facilities in the United States. The firm operated the facility which indicates that users can pay in shops with iPhone or Apple watch alike method through a contactless payment card.

The establishment of Apple Pay in Germany was declared by CEO Tim Cook at the start of August.  The utility is presently available in 31 nations, including Spain, France, and Switzerland. To use this, users must be maintained the devices to the terminal at the checkout points. The checkout technology has to hold up contactless amount, across 820,000 workstations in Germany have already been modified suitably.

Additionally, the user can use this services to give payment for online transactions in a similar manner to services like PayPal. Smartphone payment solutions are mainly acquiring momentum in a cash-loving country of Germany.  Users can mainly inform if a business credits Google or Apple Pay because of a sticker logo close to the cash counter. Depending on the study, only 13 to 18 % of people in Germany pay with their smartphone. Hence, people resident in Germany reached to social sites to convey their delight at the service initiated in Germany.