m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market By Type Chemical Reduction, Catalytic Hydrogenation, Electrolytic Reduction Method


On: Nov 2019

Here is our newly released research report on m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market which is classified based on the product types (Chemical Reduction Method, Catalytic Hydrogenation, Electrolytic Reduction Method), major vendors, key countries and applications (Fur Dyes, Cement Coagulant, Other): Global m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market size is evaluated as xx million US$ and it will collect million US$ by the end of 2025, increasing at a CAGR of xx % from 2019 to 2025, whereas, in China, the market size is estimated at xx million US$ and will boost to xx million US$ in 2025, with a CAGR of xx % during forecast phase.

m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) is also known as 1,3- diaminobenzene which an organic isomer with formula C6H4(NH2)2. It is a compound of o-phenylenediamine as well as p-phenylenediamine that mainly called as a colorless solid. m-Phenylenediamine is mostly utilized in the formation of several polymers such as epoxy resins, polyurea elastomers, wire enamel coatings, and aramid fibers.

There is a massive demand for the m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) market which increased from the applications including epoxy resin, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and others. All the segments included in this report are investigated according to the current and upcoming trends. Relevantly, the m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market report delivers the data about vital drivers that are affecting the growth and demand of the global m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market. Furthermore, this study throws light on the key drivers and restraints for the m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market alongside the estimation of its forecast period. In addition to this, the report also contains the analysis of opportunities that are available in the m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market globally.

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The worldwide m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market research report provides a detailed analysis of the m-Phenylenediamine industry which also represents current industrial trends. Besides this, the m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market report describes some valuable elements like demand, predicted market size, pricing trends, historical as well as forecast market size, and much more. The report divides the m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) market into different categories such as product types, application, geography, and crucial industry vendors.

Global m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market: Crucial players

  • DuPont
  • Lonsen
  • Lautan Hongze
  • Tianjiayi Chemical
  • Fuyuan Chemical
  • Luhua Tianjiu
  • Alfa Aesar
  • Amino
  • Yixing Xinyu Chemicals


Global m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market: By Product Type

  • Chemical Reduction Method
  • Catalytic Hydrogenation
  • Electrolytic Reduction Method


Global m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market: By Application

  • Fur Dyes
  • Cement Coagulant
  • Other

Global m-Phenylenediamine (mPDA) Market: By Regions

  • United States
  • China
  • European Union
  • Rest of World
  • Japan
  • Korea
  •  India and Southeast Asia