Bitcoin future is likely to get another big boost

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Dec 2017

The trading futures of Bitcoin ends to a slow but showed expectable start this week at the Cboe, which is likely to get another boost by two additional players namely, ‘TD Ameritrade and the CME’. The story of TD Ameritrade is very important as it operates the biggest futures operation of any online brokerage organization.

The organization has recently announced that from Monday, it will start allowing trading of bitcoin futures on its futures platform which means there will be more liquidity as well as more retail participation.

The entrance of the CME is essential because it operates larger futures business than Cboe. It is preparing to launch it own bitcoin futures on coming Sunday that expects higher volumes and higher dollar value of trading too.

This week, the beginning of futures trading on the Cboe has been incorporated as a turning point for bitcoin futures by giving quite more respectability, but mostly, creating some regulation over a part of the market & improving transparency.

Bitcoin future to get new boost

Volatility in the bitcoin cash market has not been as higher this week as compared to previous weeks. On the other hand the difference between the futures & cash contract has minimized to a little more than 1.5 % from over 5 % at the start of the week.

In the last 24 hours, around a half-million bitcoins have changed hands. At $17,000 per each bitcoin which is about $8.5 billion. This may be given a new start to change with more retail participation, a higher dollar value and higher volumes in futures trading.

Some of the larger institutional companies like Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan are expected to allow their customers to trade, which will indirectly allow their entry to hedge funds & big institutional players who may be contains a very different notion of bitcoin futures.