China said that American tariffs must be lifted for a trade deal


On: Jul 2019

According to the recent news, on Thursday, the United States of America tariffs against China must be created for the two economical sides in order to reach a proposed deal to end the on-going trade war, stated by the Chinese commerce ministry.

The trade team from the top two economies of the world have maintained the communication, ministry spokesman Gao Feng said this statement days after the United States president Donald Trump as well as the president of the China Xi Jinping announced a truce. Both the countries have exchanged tariffs on almost $360 billion in two-way trade and the conflict broke down in the month of May after the United States of America accused the China retracting on its commitments.

The presidents Donald Trump and Xi agreed at the G20 summit in Japan which organized on Saturday to resolve the trade negotiations. The Chinese commerce ministry spokesman, Gao Feng told that, “Reportedly, the United States of America’s unpleasant tariff increase on the exports of China to the United States is considered to be a major point for the America -China economic and trade friction. “

He further told that, “If the two economical sides can reach a deal, the tariffs raised must be completely eliminated. The attitude of the China towards this agreement is very clear and consistent.” Based on the latest buzz, the leader of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump stated during the press conference that, he would not slap a brand new tariff on the exports of the China and meanwhile, the American president also suggested that he could now be able to take a soften action on the well-known Chinese telecom giant called Huawei which he had moved to the blacklist.