This Christmas, Spending On Commercials Has Increased

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Nov 2017

This year, Britain's advertising agency is expecting to earn a record amount of £6 billion during Christmas. This is the forecast of one Industry body.

This increase would be due to the intense competition in the market , especially the retail sector and the amount of money being spent on the advertising campaigns by the retailers. According to the report, retail industry is spending almost 40% more than it used to seven years ago.

Retailers like John Lewis, M&S are proving this estimation right.

Commercial run by the famous retailer John Lewis is the best example of how the advertising is changing. The commercials have become more of a stories oriented where people are appealed to lead a better life rather than provoking them to use the products. M&S is using its Christmas ad to pursue people to ‘Spend It Well’

As per the survey done, where 1,000 Brits were interviewed by the Advertising Association, almost half the people said that the Christmas ads make them emotional. Every one person in six said they have changed plans to watch the premiere of their favourite Christmas ad.

Latest facts and statistics disclosed by the Office for National Statistics reflects that the tendency of people to purchase from retailers has increased.