Decided to finalize border closure


On: Oct 2020

Both Canada and the United States have decided to halt their combined land border to non-essential travelling, as they do not observe to finalize on several regarding problems, involving what to perform next. More than7 months the land border halted because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau as well as the president of the United States Donald Trump have provided illegal message about what happens now.

The United States and Canada land border is all set to stay halted until 21st of October and the PM of Canada said that the closure date will be expanded. During an interview, Mr. Trudeau told that our nation is planning to keep shared border closed as COVID-19 cases in the United States remain high. He further said that the land border halts because the US is not a desirable place where we would feel secure restarting those borders.

Four weeks prior, the US president provided prediction for the US-Canada border closure. We are observing at the border with Canada which would like it to open. The Foreign affairs expert Edward Alden said that we are planning to open borders very soon we want to move back to normal business. The disconnection between two leaders indicated that there are recently not merge discussions related to reopening plan.

With the government of Canada saying don’t open borders and American president saying that as per my perspective we will restart land border sometime soon that’s no possibilities for a significant government to government talk, stated by a professor of US-Canada economic relations of Western Washington University, Alden.  Even though several people of Canada support the closure of border, which need effect in the end of March, which has hampered the tourism industry, parted loved ones and affect border communities in Canada as well as the United States of America.