Demanding withdraw prohibition on technology suppliers


On: May 2020

On Monday, China demanded Washington to withdraw export prohibitions imposed on Chinese firms in the recent round of dispute over security, human rights and technology. The foreign ministry blamed the administration of Donald Trump of interfering in the affairs of China by including 8 companies accused of performing roles in aits Muslim northwestern zone of Xinjiang to export prohibitions.

Washington also exploited controls on access to US technology for 24 firms and government-oriented entities it stated might be included in creating goods with possible military uses. The decision of the United States destroyed basic norms of international relations and damaged interests of China, said by the ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian. He, said that, we request America to correct its mistakes, review the relevant decision and halt interfering in the Chinese internal affairs.

The recently declared measures expand a campaign of the United States against the firms of China. The tech industries of China are implementing their own processor chips, software as well as other products. But they require European, Japanese and American components and technology for smartphone and other devices and for manufacturing processes.

The officials of the United States complain technology development of Beijing is dependant on stolen foreign parts and might destroy American industrial leadership or risk the security of its neighbors. Companies such as Huawei that were targeted by earlier American export prohibitions deny they are a risk. The officials of China accuse Washington of utilizing phony security recommendations to ban increasing contenders of tech industries of United States of America.