Detroit auto show bet on trucks to boost the American sale

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Jan 2018

Several carmakers are reportedly focusing on the pickup trucks as well as SUVs because they expecting to counter falling sales in the America. The new vehicles sales in the second largest market of the world dropped 2 % previous year to about 17.2 million which noted to be the 1 st fall since 2009.

In 2018, the carmakers expected to see another fall in the sales, but they also focus on the US stalwarts of pickups & SUVs will help them.

While, it is also said that the pickup trucks will enjoy more robust sales & even have higher profit margins.

Fiat Chrysler, General motors and Ford have all rebooted their pickup truck stocks at the Detroit Auto show this week. And BMW & Lamborghini are those who have released new SUVs.

Carmaker stake on trucks to increase the sales of the USA

Pickup trucks cover about 15 % of the American market and even have great profit margin. The chief
economist at Cox Automotive, Jonathan Smoke told that, the models sales also tend to be lower cyclical
than other kinds of vehicles and the models appeals to the buyers.

SUVs have already account for over 40 % of America sales & in the upcoming year carmakers will likely
to be facing an influx of cheaper, as already uses SUV’s could undermine sales of the newer models.
Mr. Smoke stated further, “We think that this year is going to be one of the challenging one for the kind
of growth which segment has enjoyed.”

The increased appetite for trucks and SUVs, mainly gas guzzlers, though, the actual efficiency has
increased underscores the problems faced by car companies.

As per the government emissions rules, the companies are investing largely in the electric vehicles. But
the buyer enthusiasm has not matched the buzz.

On Monday, during the show, the executives of Daimler and Fiat Chrysler have warned that the
organizations would struggle to meet European targets for the emission from their fleets.
Mr. Smoke also told that, the electric cars have had enjoyed the success with extremely high-end USA
buyers, but it will take some more time and lower price too, in order to make paths in the wider market.