Difficulty in developing some new inventions of battery


On: Sep 2020

Some battery specialists said that the design of battery cell as well as new development processes explained by the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk are exciting, but they further questioned that how immediately they can be developed and how much contribution they will offer to decrease the whole costs. The new battery cell of the topmost automaker is a big cylindrical format that known as 4680 which can reserve more energy and it is simpler to create and that’s the crucial thing to capturing the target of reducing battery costs in half and increasing the production of battery to almost 100-fold by 2030.

During the Battery Day presentation event, Mr. Musk said that we are not operating on the battery cell business as it is the basic constraint to developing nearly 20 million cars per year. The CEO and co-founder of Sila Nanotechnologies, Gene Berdichevsky, said that the new battery cell design is an extremely concrete, noticeable and the impactful approach too. A former Tesla battery systems architect, Gene said that it is a wonderful design that leads to reduce manufacturing prices at the cell level. The difficult is not generating it, but producing it at scale is hardest.

The University of California, San Diego Shirley Meng told that several claims were anticipated similar to the 4680 format, the silicon anode, tables design, as well as the differentiable cathode selection. I was really surprise by the manufacturing procedure of cathode and the recent aluminum-driven alloys.

The University of Virginia, Gary Koenig said that it looks like many people are excited for a new kind of battery, but charging items such form factor can generate a large difference and numerous discussions regarding the production of the Battery Day revealed those advances.