Dixon Tech IPO unlocks on September 6

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

Electronic development Company Dixon Technologies (India) predict to increase Rs 600 crore from its IPO owing on September 6. Even strategies to spend the incomes on capacity growth as well as debt refund.

"In the initial stage increase, the money will be using it on adjusting LED TV capacity in Tirupati. The growth of our backward combination of lighting trade, debt refund, IT infrastructure as well as the rest will be fairly used for casual business need," Dixon Technologies Managing Director Atul B Lall told journalists.

The company predicts to increase Rs 60 crore from the initial level of fairness sale as well as Rs 540 crore from offer for sale.

"Post listing, 52 % of Dixon will be holding by supporters and allies, 8 % by employees, 5 % by Motilal Oswal as well as 35 % will be with the public," Lall said.

Here are few things to know about the IPO.

Problem in depth:

The company has a strategy to offer about 33,93,425 fairness shares of display value of Rs 10 each amounting to Rs 599.27 crore on the upward price tag. The problem also includes fresh problem of 3,39,750 fairness shares by the company collectively up to Rs 60 crore as well as an offer for sale of up to 30,53,675 fairness shares by the selling stakeholders collectively up to Rs 539 crore. The net problem would constitute 26.03 per cent of the post problem paid-up fairness share capital.

Planning of company how to manage funds?

Through the profits, it strategy is to use it for funding pre-fund or refund of random borrowings usual by the company. It also targets to set up a part for development of LED TVs at the Tirupati facility. Further, it also targets at advancement of backward combination means in the lighting products department at Dehradun facility, apart from usual business needs.

Many brokerages focus the company's ruling market status in key verticals. According to the Frost and Sullivan report, the company celebrated market ruling. The ruling is in development of FPD TVs, washing machines, LED, as well as CFL lights in India in FY 16.

Furthermore, it has a tight bond with a various top level customer. It has base along with having an experiencing supporters and tested management group. Dixon’s supporter and executive chairman, Sunil Vachani, as well as managing director, Atul B. Lall, have been relating with the company since beginning.