Drinking mocha lattes (Coffee combined with cocoa) can improve your attention span

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Mar 2017

A new study has claimed that, drinking a cup of coffee along with delicious chocolate brewed with it may improve your attention span. If you still struggle to stay active while working in overnight shifts, then there is a beverage which can surely help you to give your 100% during working hours at late night shifts too. The researchers have suggested that drinking mocha lattes can not only boost your deliberation also help in combating laziness.

As per the recent study, the researchers from Clarkson University in New York and the University of Georgia in the USA, positively reviewed that the combination of coffee and chocolate found in mocha is perfect from the perspective of  health which required for helping you stay focused and energetic.

Through the latest study they have examined that, the acute effects of brewed cocoa consumption on attention, also provides motivation to perform cognitive work as well as feelings of anxiety, fatigue & energy. Their study also insisted that, Cocoa increases cerebral blood flow, which finally results in enhancing cognition and attention too. While,  it is said that Caffeine alone can boost anxiety.

Researcher Ali Boolani from Clarkson University told that, “this particular project found that cocoa lessens contains caffeine’s anxiety –producing factors”. In a study that lasted nearly for a year, observed that participants drank either brewed cocoa, cocoa with caffeine, and caffeine without cocoa or a placbo hot drink without using caffeine or cocoa.

After drinking this beverage, the participants were asked to perform an array of tasks which would examine their cognitive function and mood assessed. They found that, the participants who were drank plain cocoa made fewer errors because of lack of attention. But then after including caffeine to cocoa, their cognitive effects were increased the anxiety-provoking effects of drinking just coffee were decreased.

Ali Boolani explained that, “the results of the tests are really amazing and it shows that caffeine and cocoa are definitely a good choice for students and for anyone else who desperately wants to improve sustained attention.”