Eicher Motors shares at record high of Rs 33,480, CLSA says buyers

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

Eicher Motors continued to climb on Friday morning to tap a new record high of Rs 33,480 up by much more than 1.5 per cent since previous shut down. Yesterday, Eicher Motor shares increase as much as 2.5 per cent to punch the entire day high, and the previous record was high of Rs 33,328 on NSE after the company was supposedly forecast to make a required offer to gain the iconic Italian superbikes Ducati for $1.8 b $2 bn.

Study and brokerage Company CLSA has held a buy call on the stock and has increased the end point to Rs 39,300 a share. Previously, CLSA had an endpoint of Rs 31,500 for the shares. This converts to upside review of nearby 20 per cent. CLSA trusts that the EPS will now increase at a ratio of a tough 29 per cent CAGR for the next 3 years. Further, the brokerage Company said that the continued increasing in order in the path for Royal Enfield provides strength.

The shares of Eicher Motors have come back more than 50 per cent in the current year so far. Previous week, the Gurgaon based auto developers noticed a 22 per cent increase in the sales for the month of August 2017. The entire motorcycles sales for the month of August 2017 increased 22 per cent to 67,977 units as balanced to 55,721 units in the similar month of previous financial year.

The increase in the sales for August was because of the demand for its Royal Enfield motorcycles with the ability up to 350 cc, as displayed in a switch filing. There is a rises by 29 per cent in the sales of the Royal Enfield bikes motorcycles with the ability up to 350 cc as the company sold 63,637 units of it as evaluated to 49,481 units sold in the similar month previous year. However, the sales of models with ability beyond 350 cc deceased by 30 per cent to 4,340 units opposite to 6,240 units in August 2016.

Previously in June, that U.S. motorcycle developer Harley-Davidson as well as India’s Bajaj Auto Ltd were in the middle companies preparing proposal for Ducati, which is being insert upside for sale by German car developers Volkswagen. These ups and downs will increase the racing ability in the companies. Hence the companies in the rush for providing better performance to increase the per cent shares. So, the better performance makes better profits and the increase rate among all the markets. Market ratios will fluctuate frequently by the company shares and better trade relation.