Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is going to join BMW-led self-driving car group

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Aug 2017

On Wednesday the news goes on high about FIAT. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is going to join BMW-led self-driving car group. This was all about the gang that is developing the self driving car technology. This move by FIAT is after a year from which the technology started its first study. This study is aiming to produce the fully automated cars by 2021.

Partnerships of companies:

In July 2016, BMW AG and Intel Corp. launched a partnership. This partnership was with Israeli car-camera software provider Mobileye NV, which Intel purchased earlier this year. The companies are making the level up for the future generation. These generations will be having fully autonomous technologies.

The technology of self driving program deployed by the Fiat Chrysler to Goggles parent company is a flash story. The Google's parent company known as Alphabet Inc., is now ready to wrap the new generation automation. The company's chief executive officer is having doubt for the auto industry. This doubt is for the efforts to promote the automation driving and electric powered vehicles.

Hence in last month the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Mr. Sergio Marchionne gave a clue. The clue was that the Fiat Chrysler's Maserati luxury sports brand will amaze half of its vehicles. This powertrains will perform soon by the year 2020.

Statement by FCA:

Thus he said that joining this partnership FCA will get direct benefits from the team effort. Hence the Economies of scale are possible when the efforts and aim are same between the companies. This statement was out on the Wednesday.

In the month of May and June FCA's signed with the team. The two global automotive companies are inside the agreement. Delphi Automotive PLC and Continental AG, these are the two companies. Hence this combine companies are working to combine the hardware and software communication for self driving car. By the end of year it would complete 40 test vehicles. 

But the auto industry has still to merge around any one framework for creating and deploying auto vehicles. Nvidia Corp will have its automotive technology partnerships with other automotive companies, like Audi AG, Tesla Inc and Toyota Motor Corp. Hence the companies are making the bright side for next generation. Thus keeping in mind that the automotive technology will advance the creativity and efforts we should wait for deployment. This might be the biggest change in the industry. On other hand the race will begin for the large sale of vehicles.