Game of thrones a thrilling episode of Sunday.

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Aug 2017

The new 7th season of Game of thrones is making more people attracted to it. The recent Sunday’s episode is a most thrilling part of this season. The episode was last till 70 minutes. The journey of icy battle the tense fight was attractive to the audience. The episode is quite interesting with some questions. The questions are whether it was Dany meeting the White Walker army. The Night King beholding the dragons or Sansa finding her sister’s creepy bag o’ faces was little curious.

What made audience to think?

The audiences have a full imaginary drama on the screen. This was the blast of icy battle.  The dead that focus to predict the finishing clash of the story. Previously the White Walker fights were a true song of ice and fire combination. It was complete with the frozen wastes, dragon fury, undead crowds, burning swords and breathtaking outerwear clothes. It takes the heart on the screen.

We also saw what the Dragon Queen did not Confirmed the long-rumored, much-feared Zombie Dragon Scenario. In the episode’s last moments the White Walkers recovered and reanimated the dragon the Night King brought down with his ice javelin.  This means the forces of total destruction have not only a reloading army of wights. But also their very own version of the one thing that looked like to tip the scales in favor of Team Breathing.

Summary of last week episode:

The episode started from where we left the screen last week. The last scene was with seven heroes and exchangeable number of Wilding Redshirts out to bag a wight to show Cersei. Some people who commented made a note last week. The note was of what have we seen from Cersei that would suggest she had ever join her enemy's in a fight for the greater good? May be that's what the pregnancy id for. If its legal to give her to Jaime a reason to care about the future.

You would imagine Tyrion knows her better than almost anyone, would understand this. But as doubtful, he’s transformed from the cagiest person in this story. Even Varys and Littlefinger back in Season 2.

Whatever odd choice led to the Wight trip, we all enjoy it. Because it featured some of the shows most likable characters talking the dizzying knot of connections between them. This what made for fun conversation?

Hence it was a full on imaginary drama that makes us to wait for future episode.