Japanese wealthy person tweets most retweeted tweet


On: Jan 2019

A wealthy Japanese person has removed a chicken strip looking for US adolescent to end up tweeter of the most retweeted tweet ever.


Yusaku Maezawa's tweet dated 5 January has now been shared more than four million times.


That is a large portion of a million more than Carter Wilkinson's 2017 demand for help to anchor himself a time of free chicken strips from drive-thru food chain Wendy's.


Be that as it may, Mr. Maezawa was putting forth some motivating force to individuals to share his post.


The author of Japanese web-based dress retailer Zozo Inc guaranteed to share 100m yen ($925,000; £725,000) between 100 arbitrarily chosen individuals who shared the tweet.


"To take an interest, you should simply tail me and RT this tweet," he said.


The post gave off an impression of being in the festivity of his site Zozotown making 10bn yen in deals over the Christmas and New Year time frame.


Mr. Maezawa first wound up popular as the drummer in punk band Switch Style, yet made his fortune in the old world. He is accepted to have an individual abundance of near $3bn, a great deal of which he spends on artistry.


He wound up known in the West toward the end of last year after he was named as the leading private traveler due to be flown around the Moon by Space X, the organization claimed by another well known wealthy person tweeter, Elon Musk.