LG's roll up TV to be discharged to open


On: Jan 2019

LG has launched a customer version of its roll-up TV set at the CES public exhibition in Las Vegas.


The Signature OLED TV R is based on an idea disclosed a year ago, in which the screen goes into a base position when not being used, so it is less obtrusive.


LG intends to sell the gadget in the US before the end of 2019, however still has not announced the month or cost.


Experts state that the innovation is probably not going to wind up as a mass-market proposition for a long time to come.


"It's a 4K set as opposed to 8K, so you could contend there's a compromise there - however, this is a high-end design that will be expensive," remarked Jack Wetherill from the consultancy Futuresource.


The South Korean company also flaunted another TV that will contend with the fold out model: an 88in (224cm) model that was portrayed similarly to the most magnificent OLED set to date.


A significant part of the introduction about it was around the utilization of machine figuring out how fineness its image quality.


Moreover, the firm said that its more great product is having new-gen features like accessing Amazon Alexa and also Google's Assistant, which was included a year ago.